Should I Use a Dry Cleaner to Preserve My Wedding Dress?

Should I Use a Dry Cleaner to Preserve My Wedding Dress?

Your local dry cleaner is happy to take in your wedding gown and “clean” it. But the process can be fraught with problems. Before you take your one of your most cherished memories from your wedding gown to your local dry cleaner do some investigating first.

First you should ask some of the bridal stores in your local area if they recommend or who they recommend locally as a dry cleaner. You’ll find most of the bridal salons send out their wedding gowns to a professional wedding gown preservation company not a dry cleaner and here’s why!

Your local dry cleaner will usually put your wedding dress in their dry cleaning machine along with all the other dry cleaning items to be done that day. The batch your dress is in may include suits, colored blouses, slacks, dresses and other colored fabrics in with your wedding gown.

As with any other business, your local dry-cleaner experience will very.

Your job of finding a local experienced dry cleaner that really knows how to properly care for different types of fabrics and garments is difficult at best, especially for delicate fabrics like those used in today’s wedding gowns.

There are some of the solvents that dry-cleaners use that can melt beads and sequins. If the beads and sequins are glued on these solvents can dissolve the glue which mean they will fall off and create a real mess for you.

You’re probably aware that your local dry-cleaners have minimum wage employees. These employees have very little training. So that also brings up the question of who is really going to clean your wedding gown?

If you request it your local dry-cleaner can place your gown in a box – Check and make sure the box is a special acid free box. Acid free boxes and acid free tissue should always be used when storing your gown.

Sending your wedding gown to a company that specializes in gown preservation has many advantages. One is a thoroughly trained staff. Realize too that wedding gowns is all they do. Your wedding dress is cleaned, along with other wedding dresses. They will pay special attention to the hem and bodice areas for extra dirt, perspiration and body oils. They will do the spot cleaning with the right chemicals and using the proper methods.

Your wedding gown will be given a “anti-sugar” treatment ensuring it any wine, cake or other food stains were on your dress that they will not yellow.

They will also be hand steamed and press your wedding gown. Next they will placed it on a special cardboard bust form and place it in an acid free box. Shipping is done by placing your display box in an outer shipping box for complete protection.

You should receive a guarantee – insist on at least a 20 year guarantee from any wedding gown preservation service you may be considering, a lifetime guarantee is even better.

Check out different websites that offer wedding gown preservation. Study their preservation process and their guarantee. Price is important, so shop and compare prices. You’ll discover prices can vary $30-$150 for exactly the same service.

Don’t be fooled into thinking just because you pay more that you’ll get better gown preservation. That’s not the case. Compare the process, the service and the guarantee.

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