“Cleaning and Preserving Your Wedding Dress for a Lifetime of Memories”

Hi, my name is Bev Zambino and as a woman owned and operated business I understand how you might feel about getting your wedding dress or your daughter’s dress cleaned and preserved. It can be scary sending off such an important memory of your special day to a company hundreds of miles away. Knowing we personally care about how your dress is treated and processed can help to alleviate some of those fears for you. Hundreds of brides every month trust us – check out their testimonies and our BBB rating.

Here’s why you can trust us.

We’ve developed an exclusive 11 step Heirloom wedding dress preservation process outlined below or watch this 2 minute video – click on video.

Whatever reason you have to clean and preserve your wedding dress you want to know you can trust the company who will do that for you.

BridalKare started as a local dry cleaner over 125 years ago. We are now in the 5th generation as a family owned and family operated business. Even though we have grown into a nationally recognized and award winning wedding dress cleaning and preservation company, we still treat each dress as an important heirloom – because it is! We clean and preserve hundreds of gowns per month. Yet each dress is hand inspected, individually cleaned and then individually hand inspected again.

Your dress will go through our 11 step wedding dress preservation process that we exclusively developed. Over the years our family has developed unique gentle chemicals and careful methods to remove even the most stubborn stains. Because of that 125 years of expertise, we can remove grass stains, perspiration stains, asphalt parking lot oils, champagne stains – just about any stain you can imagine without any damage to your delicate bridal fabrics.

Because of our exclusive cleaning and preservation process we are the ONLY company to offer you a Lifetime Guarantee against stains re-appearing and fabric yellowing. (read about our lifetime guarantee -here.) Your wedding dress got you through the most important day in your life. Now you can keep it perfect for the rest of your life – Guaranteed!

We use our exclusive 11 step process to make sure your cleaned and preserved wedding dress looks as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

1. When your wedding gown arrives at the BridalKare plant it is checked in, registered and then thoroughly inspected for stains and repairs.

2. Your gown is then hand cleaned along the hem, neckline and underarms. We are experts at removing dirt, mud, grass-stains, asphalt parking lot oil and other stains from the hem of your dress. We also pay particular attention to removing all of the make-up, deoderant and perspiration stains as well.

3. Your gown will then be thoroughly inspected with a black light to reveal any hidden stains. All stains and spots are specifically treated to gently remove them from your gown. Our “anti-sugar” treatment removes all sugar stains (usually caused by wines, sodas, or cake frosting) and keeps them from returning and yellowing over time.

4. Your wedding gown is then individually cleaned. We use a more expensive “Stoddard” solvent which is enviornmentally friendly and gentler on the fabrics rather than the perchloroethylene which dry-cleaners and other preservation companies use. Our exclusive cleaning process also keeps your wedding dress from yellowing.

5. A complete and thorough re-inspection then takes place. If any problems remain the gown is re-processed.

6. Any needed repairs are made. (minor repairs are done free – other companies will charge you extra for this service)

7. Your gown is then individually steamed and hand pressed. It is also individually dried to make sure all mositure is gone from the dress fabric.

8. Your gown’s bodice is shaped and put on an acid-free bust form for display so you’ll be able to see how beautiful it is – just like the day you pruchased it.

9. The bodice and skirt are layered with acid free tissue paper to protect it.

10. Your gown is then carefully placed in an acid free windowed display box and completely sealed to keep the moisture from the outside humidity out. (Moisture in the box/fabric can cause mildew) It’s also important to provide this sealed brarrier to keep insects from getting in and nesting in your dress.

11. The windowed preservation box is placed inside a white storage box and then both of these boxes are placed inside a protective shipping box and shipped pre-paid to you via UPS.


Only $147.00
(We pay the shipping!)

Complete instructions for sending your dress come with your wedding dress preservation kit.

Thank you for finding our website.  We aren’t some big corporation that boasts about being the biggest.  We are a dedicated family owned business who is concerned about every dress and about every customer.  We want to assure you that everyone of our staff members works hard to make sure your dress returns to you safely and beautifully preserved for you to enjoy for a lifetime.  Check out our bride’s testimonials and our BBB rating.

Because you are dealing direct we offer you the lowest priced wedding dress preservation either on the internet or off.  And we do it without sacrificing the quality you’d expect.   Click here to order.

Comparison Table

Compare These Benefits

  • Family owned business for over 120 years
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Seals Windowed Preservation Box to Keep Moisture and Insects Out
  • Uses Exclusive 11 Step Cleaning and Preservation Process
  • Can Include 3 Additional Items with your Dress for Free (does not include slip)
  • Uses an Acid Free Windowed Display Box
  • Lowest Priced Cleaning and Preservation Service - On or Off the Web
  • Offers Wedding Dress Cleaning Only as an Option
  • Preserved Dress can be Shipped to a Different Address if Needed
  • Uses Acid Free Preservation Materials
  • Uses Stoddard's Solvent rather than Perchloroethylene "Perc"


We pay the shipping!


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Only $147.00
(We pay the shipping!)

Complete instructions for sending your dress come with your wedding dress preservation kit.